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Figure 13-4: Facebook update option in Spider.
“We consider the trailer to be the single most important piece of promotion that we can do,” says Smith. “We
choose to show gameplay footage while also communicating the fantasy and story that was being offered.”
Waking Mars did something similar (with social media promotion), allowing you to Tweet to your friends
back on Earth when you had completed research on one of the species. Fewer people Tweeted from Mars than
Facebooked from Spider. Smith says, “Our goal was to encourage players to reach out when they'd just accom-
plished something and were feeling good about the game. I think the Spider solution was better integrated into
the game flow at an appropriate moment compared to the Mars solution. The Mars Tweets were also a bit more
mysterious. Sharing with your friends that you just solved a mystery in a video game is probably an easier sell
than posting something cryptic like [a Waking Mars Tweet] 'Larians prefer to eat mobile life forms but are also
able to derive some nutritional value from Zoa seeds.'”
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