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“The try-before-you-buy aspect of free-to-play makes a lot of sense in a market flooded with products, many
of which, let's face it, are low quality. And games-as-a-service is often a better match for the usage patterns of
this demographic and hardware.” This means moving away from the retail model he's been accustomed to, after
working for so long in the PC/console side of the game industry. On the iOS, as he puts it, “[W]e want to be in
alignment with our platform, not fighting its trends and evolutions.”
The challenge ahead, then, is to create new games that maintain the same level of ambition, while also being
free-to-play. “When the App Store first started to take off, we saw an opportunity to stand out by offering
something higher quality, which resulted in Spider,” says Smith. “We're eyeing the latest trends with the same
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The adoption rate of that feature was eleven percent.
According to Smith, the trailers for both Spider and Waking Mars were definitely key instruments in selling the
games to players who had heard of them but wanted to see more before spending their money. For example,
Spider had a feature that let you brag on Facebook that you were playing it or that you solved one of the quests
(see Figure 13-4 ).
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