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In Waking Mars (see Figure 13-3 ), you play a lone, stranded space explorer with a jetpack, lost in the caverns
of Mars recently discovered to be full of life—specifically, a living, breathing ecosystem of alien life forms.
Mars, which launched in March 2012, has so far sold about 55,000 copies, grossing more than $240,000. “Both
games have a long tail,” Smith notes to me, referring to their small but steady sales months or even years after
launch, “and as of this writing Waking Mars is still in the beginning of its sales lifetime.”
The sales numbers are even more impressive when you consider how much these games took to produce:
Smith estimates it cost $15,000 to develop Spider and $38,000 for Waking Mars. This is possible because Tiger
Style doesn't really have an office or investors, and operates, as he puts it, with a business model that's “more
like a film production company or a cooperative, perhaps.”
Figure 13-3: Tiger Style's Waking Mars.
Smith shared extensive details on the development style of Tiger Style with me, which many Indie deve-
lopers should consider drawing from for their own projects. The following sections describe these details.
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