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Figure 13-1: Thief: Deadly Shadows (Eidos).
Masterpieces of immersive and emergent gaming, the Thief series convinced me over 10 years ago that
games could be an art form, and they're a chief reason why this topic exists.
With Spider and Mars, Smith and his team have been adapting some of the core principles that made Thief
so great on the PC and consoles, and translating them to the iOS. And in the process, they prove you can create
thoughtful, artful, genre-defying games for the platform and do quite well.
Spider still earns more than $5,000 in a good month.
In Spider (see Figure 13-2 ) , you play an arachnid, jumping and spinning your way through an empty mansion
with the flick of your finger, discovering the mysteries of the family who once lived there along the way. As of
mid-2012, the game has sold more than 360,000 copies and grossed more than $1,000,000.
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