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Chapter 13
iOS Game Developer Profile: Tiger Style
and Hatch
In This Chapter
Learning from the style of Tiger Style: Innovative iOS games made with a Hollywood studio model
Preparing to hatch: Lessons learned from designing a virtual pet iOS game
Now that you've surveyed the iOS gaming market and learned some basic design principles, it's time to spot-
light two case studies. The first is Tiger Style, a successful iOS game studio run by veteran designers originally
from the traditional game industry. The second is Phill Ryu of Impending, a relative design newcomer who has
spent several years and more than $250,000 trying to succeed with an innovative new game that could (in my
view) become the next Angry Birds-level hit.
Learning from the Style of Tiger Style
Tiger Style, the game studio behind the paid download iOS hits Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor and Waking
Mars, has a long and legendary history in game design—and with me. The studio was founded by Randy Smith
and David Kalina, both of whom worked on Thief, the groundbreaking PC/console franchise. Smith was lead
designer for the first three games, whereas Kalina was the AI programmer on the final installment, Thief: Deadly
Shadows (see Figure 13-1 ) .
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