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Figure 12-6: Tracking app game user behavior with Apsalar.
To create Dimensions, the latest iOS game from RjDj, the team led by Robert Thomas and company founder
Michael Breidenbruecker honed it through the analytics process. “In Dimensions we used analytics to monit-
or many aspects of the game—always anonymously,” says Thomas, “including players' engagement, retention,
loyalty, and more detailed statistics related to tutorial completion, their purchasing patterns, and game progress.
Being able to understand the key aspects of the game's performance in various areas can be a very powerful
development direction tool.”
Monetizing Freemium Games: Design
Although some developers with an established reputation can still succeed via the paid download model (see the
profile of Tiger Style in the next chapter), you'll probably want to give your game away for free and monetize
through in-app payments. Here are five design tips for making money in free-to-play iOS games.
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