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Figure 12-4: Fruit Ninja: familiar... but different.
NOTE “A game like Game Dev Story does a good job of guiding the player through the 'relatively com-
plex' ways they can play the game, prompting them with things they need to do, as well as explaining op-
tional strategies and the 'good stuff' that might be hidden in there,” says Robert Thomas.
“In Dimensions, we had a tough job of having to guide the player through some very unusual types of game-
play.” (See Figure 12-5 .) “[This included] exploring augmented sound and accessing different Dimensions by
doing things in their life. This is both the hardest type of guidance and the most necessary.”
Design for Fun (and Growth) Through Analytics
Although it probably sounds counter-intuitive, analytics services can be a boon for designers who want to op-
timize their games for fun. (In this context, I'm referring to companies that collect and categorize iOS user be-
havior from a number of sources.) Of course, analytics can't tell you when a player is having fun, but it can tell
you, say, how many players completed your game's tutorial, or the third level, or when users first press the Pay
button. Analytics tell you the kinds of things people do when they're enjoying the experience.
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