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Games Designed with Social Sharing Aspects
According to Smith, the best advertising on iOS is word of mouth, so game designs that lend themselves natur-
ally to socializing have a big advantage. This socialization component is why asynchronous, turn-by-turn mul-
tiplayer games like Words With Friends and Draw Something are such big hits—existing players help recruit
new players.
You can also encourage players to use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks from within the game
to communicate about their experience, connect with new players, or brag about achievements and leader
boards—all functionality provided by Apple's Game Center.
Visually Compelling Design and Strong Presentation
“[D]esign your game to be shown off,” says Smith, “or to draw attention when seen over someone's shoulder,
and to be intriguing enough to start conversations between strangers.” See Figure 12-2 .
Name, icon, app description, screenshots, and so on.
“Along similar lines, the packaging of an iOS game is crucial. Your icon needs to be eye-catching enough
to pop out of the crowded field in the App Store and communicate something compelling when combined with
the game's name. Similarly, your app description and screenshots are on the front lines of reaching potential
customers. It makes a lot of sense to design all of this stuff up front and then design your game to fulfill the
promise those packaging materials are selling. Lastly, especially if your game isn't free, supply a video trailer
so people can preview your gameplay before buying.”
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