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casual, light play. However, they also release games for the hard-core market, such as Eliminate Pro, a multi-
player FPS that the company ceased developing, and Star Defense, a sci-fi themed tower defense strategy.
DeNA accepts queries from indie developers at the e-mail address and encour-
ages them to register to use the DeNA-owned development platform Mobage at .
Chillingo (Electronic Arts)
Publisher of epic iOS hits like Cut the Rope and the first Angry Birds game (after which, developer Rovio parted
ways with the company), the UK-based Chillingo was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2010 for just under $20
million. Their site features a number of endorsements from successful indie developers who've been published
on Chillingo. See .
To submit your idea, you need to fill out a submission form at .
A Japanese mobile game publisher with more than 230 million registered users, GREE acquired OpenFeint, the
United States-based social platform for mobile games, a clear bid to enter the Western market (just like its Japan
rival, DeNA, indicated with the purchase of ngmoco a few months earlier). GREE has its own robust platform
with an iOS SDK for indie developers who want to publish games on the OpenFeint network. This network is
connected to registered users around the globe, including Japan, which has one of the best ARPUs in the world.
CROSSREF Read more about it here at .
And now, iOS game developer, you have a rough idea of who your potential audience is, how much they'll
typically pay to play your games, and the publishers who can help you reach them (if you want to go that way.)
In the next chapter, we'll focus on the design principles that will encourage them to do more paying and play-
Here are the key points we covered in this chapter:
The current market for iOS gaming is about 110 million, with roughly half owning an iPhone and half an
Most iOS game developers earn less than $10,000 in lifetime sales/in-app payments from their games;
about 15 percent will earn a lifetime revenue between $100,000 to $10 million. This means that about 20
percent of iOS game developers earn 97 percent of the total revenue.
Independent game developers dominate the iOS market (68 percent in 2012) and continue expanding
their share.
In-app payment from free games is the best and most reliable way to monetize iOS games. Genres that
generate the best in-app payment revenue tend to be hard-core games, such as MMOs and RPGs.
Because of the platform's heavy competition, advertising is becoming more and more necessary. Cost-
per-install is now about $1.50 per download and is growing.
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