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Figure 11-4: Mobile game market share. (Copyright
As the chart in Figure 11-4 by Flurry Analytics indicates, independent game developers not only dominate
the market (68 percent in 2012), but also their share of the market has been strongly growing over the last few
years. By contrast, game companies that got their start on other platforms (such as Electronic Arts, Zynga, and
so on) have a substantial but minority share of the smartphone game audience.
In 2011, for instance, Electronic Arts bought Chillingo, whereas the Japanese mobile game giant DeNA bought ngmoco and Gameview.
In 2011, notably, established companies grew their market share, but Flurry attributes that to a number of ac-
quisitions, as established game companies bought their way into the market. But by mid-2012, the small growth
of established companies in 2011 has been eclipsed by a surge of new indie developers entering the market.
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