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poised to push out into this cresting wave. Like Draw Something, Creatarr shares the virtue of being based on
asynchronous multimedia sharing, which makes it a natural fit for how most people use the Internet on a daily
Lead designer Jim Purbrick says, “[T]here's a big opportunity for games to work around web ideas of social
objects like images, music, and video, which is something that Creatarr is doing—building small nuggets of
gameplay that produce social objects on the web that can be shared and commented on, but that also become in-
put to someone else's game later. It avoids the problems of lobbies, appointments, events, critical mass, dropped
connections, and differing participation levels that you get with synchronous gaming and provides the social
elements required to build community. All this without having to force downtime into a game design just to stop
people playing for a moment so they can hang out.”
The Continued Growth of Web-Based App
The unprecedented success of Apple's App Store will influence other major players to launch similar offerings
of their own on the web, which will mean new markets for game developers there.
“I think the emergence of app stores is the new trend that will increasingly take hold over the next few years,”
as Nitrome's Annal puts it. “Already iOS and Android are big business for some online devs that port their
games there, but I think there is a wider trend about to take hold, as the big players push to capitalize on that
App Store experience on the desktop. Online we already have the Chrome Store [see Figure 10-4 ], and on the
desktop, the Mac store is already growing, and Microsoft's Windows-based store is coming in the next version
of Windows. Developers could see huge amounts of profit there if they took advantage of that.”
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