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Player Demographics
According to top smartphone app analyst, as of February 2012, a reasonable estimate of the
iOS gaming market is 110 million, with a roughly 50/50 gender ratio. “Between 0.5 and 6 percent of play-
ers—depending on game genres—use in-app purchases,” Flurry analyst Patrick Minotti told me.
NOTE See Flurry's blog,, and the posts “Mobile Freemium Games: Women Thrifty, Men
Binge” and “Mobile Freemium Games: Gen Y Plays But Gen X Pays” for more details on iOS gamer demo-
“In terms of geographical location,” says Minotti, “I would say it's about 50 percent North America, 30 per-
cent European Union, and 20 percent Asia.”
iOS games are primarily monetized through in-app purchases, with hardcore titles gaining most of their rev-
enue. Fortunately for indie developers, the overwhelming share of games on the iOS market are made by them
and not by established companies coming from another platform. This does not mean indie developers have it
easy on iOS, however. In a survey, 63 percent said they've made less than $10K from their iOS games in their
entire lifetime .
CROSSREF Read more about all this in Chapter 11, “Quick Survey of the iOS Game Market.”
Projected Growth
Flurry projects the iOS game market to grow to more than $1.25 billion in 2013.
Surveying the Facebook Game Market
Now let's turn to Facebook and get a quick read on who's playing games on Mark Zuckerberg's social network
(usually when they're in the office, supposedly getting work done.) See Figure 1-3 .
Figure 1-3: Facebook's Apps and Games page
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