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Figure 10-1: Example of HTML5's current graphics quality from
Unity is a very popular authoring tool for high-quality 3D graphics that can be deployed on the web.
With the growth of HTML5, many Flash game developers anticipate a near future when their platform will
no longer be relevant. However, KIXEYE's Paul Preece is still bullish on Flash, and thinks it's worth develop-
ing on, at least in the near future. He points to the capability to import Unity to Flash, the platform's massive
install base, and Stage3D, the latest version of Flash that enhances 3D content. (See Figure 10-2 . ) More than
that, Preece plays up Flash's accessibility to new developers. From Preece's perspective, the fact that Flash is
so easy to learn ensures that innovative new games will continue to emerge from Flash.
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