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How Long It Takes to Produce a New Nitrome Game
Still with just one artist and one programmer on each game.
“Starting out, the games had to be made in a month,” says Annal. “We only got paid once a game was done,
so working quite hand-to-mouth, it was really necessary to get it done in that time in order to make the money
to keep it going. Nowadays the average game takes between two and three months.
“Some games take a lot less time, though, and some a lot longer. The games that took the most time were
Steamlands [see Figure 9-6 ] and Nitrome Must Die, which were both around six months, [while] some of the
smallest games have been produced in a couple of weeks.”
Early Design Mistakes Nitrome Made—Lack of Hard
Data in Design
“We are passionate about what we do,” says Annal, “so from early on, we have focused on that, and led the
company mainly by instinct, rather than using any hard data. This, I think, is fine for game development, as stats
can get in the way of making something that is fun. But in terms of growing the site and making the most of it,
I think it has held us back. So I would certainly change that if I could go back and apply what I know today.”
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