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and, increasingly, the web and iOS games, encourage players to share game content and gameplay with each
other—an important viral marketing and growth mechanism for these games.)
Portability to Other Platforms
As you'll see in later chapters, these three platforms are compatible with a number of development platforms,
which makes porting between them relatively easy. For instance, web games made in HTML5 or Unity are com-
patible with iOS, and Facebook games can and have been ported to other social networks. (Yes, they do exist,
and are often surprisingly large.)
With all that established, here's a bird's-eye view of each platform in terms of users and market size.
Surveying the iOS Market
Now let's look deeper at the state of games on the platform that Steve Jobs made (see Figure 1-2 ) .
Figure 1-2: iOS App Store page for games
Overall Install Base
The total install base of iOS devices currently exceeds 200 million, and, according to ReadWriteWeb, 90 percent
of iOS owners are running iOS version 4.x or higher. Within this market, the iPad has an install base of approx-
imately 60 million.
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