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Figure 1-1: App Store screenshots of Tap Pet Hotel, a top-grossing 2011 iOS game with no-frills 2D graphics.
Most of the best-selling iOS games , for instance, are not made with high-end graphics and other features that
are typically costly to deploy.
The mega-blockbuster Angry Birds was reportedly developed by a core team of four.
Reviewing the 20 top-grossing iOS games of 2011, only one, Infinity Blade, boasted high-resolution 3D
graphics. We see a similar pattern on Facebook, where games with simple, non-3D cartoon-graphics, like
CityVille, Texas HoldEm Poker, and Draw Something (the graphics are provided by the actual players) dom-
inate, and on the web, where the biggest online games, like RuneScape and Club Penguin, are also graphically
Direct, Frictionless Connection to Social Media
All three platforms can be seamlessly integrated with social media and e-mail, making it extremely easy for fans
to promote their favorite games to friends: Click a Tweet that links to a new Facebook game, and start playing
it within a few seconds. Or, post a link to an iOS game on your Facebook wall, and anyone who clicks it will
be taken directly to its purchasing page in Apple's App Store. Yes, the three major game consoles have at least
some integration with Facebook and other web- or phone-based social media, but this is mainly for promotional
purposes and there are several barriers and serious lag time between, for example, recommending a favorite PS3
game on your Facebook wall and your friends being able to buy/download and play it. (By contrast, Facebook
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