Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 1
Market Overview: iOS, Facebook, and the
In This Chapter
Understanding why to target these platforms
Surveying the iOS game market
Surveying the Facebook game market
Surveying the web game market
This chapter gives you an overview of the three game platforms featured in this topic—iOs, Facebook, and the
web—and describes who plays on them, how many there are, and how much larger they're expected to grow.
Understanding Why to Choose These
Platforms over Others
The combined audience size of these three game platforms—iOS, Facebook, and the web—is massive. Drawing
from the estimates in this chapter, the audience size is between 600 and 800 million total. Besides that, there
are at least three reasons for small and indie game designers to create for them in particular: market acceptance
of low-budget games, direct connection to social media, and portability to other platforms. These reasons are
discussed in more detail in the following sections.
Market Acceptance of Low-Budget Games
Due to their presence on multiple-use platforms (the iPhone is also a phone, Facebook is also for social net-
working, and so on), the market has proven to be far more accepting of games on Facebook, the web, and iOS.
This is true even when the games are produced for low budgets and come with no-frills graphics, short play-
times, and extremely simple interactivity. Tap Pet Hotel (see Figure 1-1 ) is just one example of a best-selling,
no-frills game.
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