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Adding the buttons to your scene
The final step is to add the buttons to the Op]npL]ca symbol.
1. Double-click the StartPage symbol in the Library to enter its symbol editing mode. Create a new
layer on the timeline called Buttons . Drag the Buttons layer to the very top of the layer stack.
2. Drag instances of both the PondButton and HillButton symbols onto the stage. If a black key-
frame appears on the Buttons layer, you added them correctly.
3. Select the instance of the HillButton symbol and assign it the name hillButton in the Instance
name field of the Properties panel . Remember to use lowerCamelCase for instance names.
4. Select the instance of the PondButton symbol and give it the instance name pondButton in the
Instance name field of the Properties panel . The StartPage symbol might now look something
like Figure 2-60.
Figure 2-60. Add instance names to the HillButton and PondButton instances in the StartPage symbol.
5. Finally, save the ejpan]_peraOpknu^kkg*bh] file.
You're now ready to start programming!
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