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Organizing the Library
Depending on how organized you like to be, you might want to add some folders to your Library so
that you can keep related objects together. Looking at what I created in the Library so far, it might
make sense to create three folders called L]cao, >qppkjo, and Epaio. Follow these steps to create the
folders and organize the symbols into them.
1. Click the New Folder button near the bottom-left corner of the Library to create a new folder.
Do this three times to have all the folders you need to organize your symbols.
2. Name the folders Pages , Buttons , and Items .
3. Drag the button symbols into the Buttons folder. Drag the StartPage , HillPage , and PondPage
symbols into the Pages folder. Drag the remaining symbols into the Items folder.
Figure 2-59 shows what your Library might look like after it's been reorganized using folders. You can
open or close folders to view or hide their content by clicking the triangle icons next to the folder
Figure 2-59. The full set of finished buttons in the Library
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