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Duplicating the button
You've now got the Hill button; all you need is a Pond button. You could always create one from
scratch, but because you just need to change the text and the direction of the arrow, the easiest way
to do it is to duplicate and modify the existing button.
1. Right-click the HillButton symbol in the Library . Select Duplicate in the Duplicate Symbol dialog
box and give the new button the name PondButton . Remember to select Export for ActionScript
and click OK .
2. Click OK when the class definition warning dialog box appears.
3. Double-click the PondButton icon in the Library . The PondButton symbol editing mode opens.
4. Change the arrow in each of the button state frames in the foreground layer so that it's pointing
in the opposite direction. (The quickest way to do this is to select the arrow in the Up frame.
Select Modify ° Transform ° Flip Horizontal . Move the arrow to its new position on the oppo-
site side of the button. While it's still selected, select Edit ° Copy . Next, delete the arrow in
both the Over and Down frames. Select Edit ° Paste in Place to paste the new arrow from the
Up frame into the Over and Down frames. Reposition the arrow slightly in your Down frame so
that it matches the slight left and down offset.)
5. Change the text in all the frames so that it reads pond .
You now have two buttons, and the Library should start to look quite satisfyingly crowded. Figure 2-58
shows what mine looks like.
Figure 2-58. The completed navigation buttons
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