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Creating the Over state
Now that you've learned about the Up state, you can use the graphics you've already drawn and
modify them just slightly to make the other states. You can do this by adding a new keyframe in the
state's corresponding frame. The following steps show how to make the Over state:
1. Select the Over frame of the background layer. (If you locked the background layer in the previ-
ous steps, unlock it first.) Select Insert ° Timeline ° Keyframe . (Alternatively, you can right-click
the frame and select Insert Keyframe from the option menu.) As soon as you do this, a black
keyframe will appear in the Over state, and all the graphics from the previous frame, the Up
state, will be copied into it. All you need to do now is make some small modifications to dif-
ferentiate the Over state from the Up state.
2. Change the rectangle's inner fill color to bright yellow, which will give the user a very clear
highlighting effect when the mouse hovers over the button. Figure 2-54 shows what the back-
ground layer of the Over state now looks like.
Figure 2-54. Choose a bright color for a highlighting effect
in the button's Over state.
3. All that's missing is the black arrow and the text. Select the foreground layer and right-click the
blank frame on the Over state. Choose Insert Keyframe from the menu. This automatically cop-
ies the contents of the keyframe from the previous frame and positions it in exactly the same
place. The Over state should now look like Figure 2-55.
Figure 2-55. The button's Over state
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