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9. Play around with these settings until you like the way the gradient looks. My gradient looks like
Figure 2-51.
Figure 2-51. Use the Gradient Transform tool to create
a subtle texture effect.
Now that the button's background has been created, let's add an arrow and some text to the
10. In the foreground layer, draw an arrow pointing to the left, as shown in Figure 2-52. You might
want to lock the background layer while you do this to prevent accidentally ruining the work
you did in the preceding steps.
Figure 2-52. Lock the background and draw an arrow on the foreground layer.
11. Select the Text tool in the Tools toolbar. In the text Properties panel, choose an appropriate
font and font size and make sure that Static Text is selected as the text type. Type the word Hill
next to the arrow on the foreground layer, as shown in Figure 2-53.
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