Game Development Reference
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2. Click OK and then click OK again when the class definition warning dialog box appears.
3. Flash opens the HillButton symbol editing mode. You'll notice that the timeline looks quite a bit
different from the timeline of Movie Clip symbols. Create a new layer and label your layers
background and foreground . Figure 2-48 shows what your timeline should look like.
Figure 2-48. Create a background and foreground layer.
You'll create a rectangular button with a gradient background fill. Gradients are color fills that gradu-
ally change from one color to another. They're often used to create an illusion of shallow depth or
surface texture. Do the following:
1. Select the Rectangle tool.
2. Choose a stroke color, thickness, and line style from the Properties panel. For this example,
I chose a thickness of 2.0 and a Ragged line style.
3. Click the Fill box. Select the white-black linear gradient swatch from the color palette. (Swatches
are color samples. The white-black gradient swatch is at the very bottom left of the color pal-
ette.) Figure 2-49 shows what this looks like.
Figure 2-49. Select a gradient fill.
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