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precise with the spelling and case of the name you give them in the Create New Symbol dialog box—all
these things will soon become very important. Of course, you're free to design your storybook pages
however you like, but Figure 2-45 shows what my three finished pages look like.
Figure 2-45. Three finished storybook pages
When you're done, your Library should contain two new symbols and look something like
Figure 2-46.
Figure 2-46. Your new symbols in
the Library
Have fun designing, and I'll meet you at the next section when you're done!
Using buttons
If interactive media were to pay a visit to the doctor's office for its annual checkup, the GP would
probably be very surprised to hear the unnerving sounds “click, click, click” coming through the
stethoscope. For at the heart of interactive media (if not most of what we know as the modern
world) there lies the almighty click. But whether it's via a mouse, a touch screen, or possible future
brain-wave interface, it's the lowly button that orders your topics on Amazon, deletes your mail from
dispossessed overseas millionaires, and obliterates entire civilizations in Spore.
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