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If you need to rearrange any of your layers, hold the left mouse button down over any
of the layer names and drag the layer up or down. While the mouse button is down,
a black bar will indicate the new position of the layer. When you release the mouse
button, the layer will snap to that position in the stack.
You might discover that it's hard to focus on drawing a particular feature of your char-
acter with graphics from the other layers cluttering up your view. You can temporarily
switch the visibility of a layer on or off by clicking the dot in the column represented
by an eye icon. If you click the dot, a red X icon will appear next to the layer name,
and any graphics on that layer will be temporarily hidden. Click the X again to reveal
the layer.
Now that your character has been created, let's add it to the Op]npL]ca symbol:
1. Double-click the StartPage symbol in the Library to open its editing mode.
2. Select the characters layer.
3. Drag an instance of the Cat symbol from the Library onto the stage , as shown in Figure 2-42.
A black keyframe will appear in the characters layer to show you that an object has been added
to that layer.
Figure 2-42. Drag an instance of the cat into the StartPage symbol.
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