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Although you may use many of these tools infrequently, there are two tools that you'll find yourself
using almost constantly:
Free Transform: Use this tool to make selected objects bigger or smaller by dragging the black
squares (known as handles ) on the edges and corners of the tool's bounding box. If you want to
scale the object proportionately without distorting its height or width, hold down the Shift key on
the keyboard while you do this. You can rotate the object if you position the mouse pointer just
beyond one of the corner handles. A circular arrow icon will appear, which means you can rotate
the object by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse. The Free Transform
tool also allows you to skew an object. If you move the mouse pointer so that it intersects with
the bounding box, a double-arrow icon will appear to allow you to distort the object horizontally
or vertically. Figure 2-39 illustrates these features of the Free Transform tool.
Figure 2-39. Use the Free Transform tool to scale, rotate, and skew objects.
Zoom : When this tool is selected, you can click the stage to zoom in. You can also use it to drag
a selection square around a certain area to magnify it. When the Zoom tool is selected, two
additional buttons appear on the right side of the toolbar that allow you to increase or decrease
the magnification. A more convenient way to do this, however, is to use keyboard shortcut
keys. In OSX, hold down the Apple key and press the plus or minus key. In Windows, hold down
Ctrl and press the plus or minus key. This is a good shortcut to learn because it works with most
graphic design software, not just Flash. If you want to return to normal 100 percent magnifica-
tion, double-click the Zoom button.
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