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Learning a few more techniques
There are a few more basic drawing tools in the Tools toolbar that you should be familiar with. All
these tools have many properties, including color, style, and stroke thickness, which can be set in the
Properties panel. Here's a brief description of each:
Line : Used to draw lines. You can curve the lines and reposition the start and endpoints with
the Selection tool.
Brush : Used like a paintbrush, it paints wide areas of color known as fills . You can set the
brush's color, line style, and thickness (known as stroke ) in the Properties panel. To change
these properties, you need to make sure that the Object Drawing button is selected, which puts
Flash in object drawing mode. The Brush tool also has a number of different modes that allow
you to paint inside shapes, paint selected shapes, and paint behind shapes or fill areas. You can
access these different modes from the Brush Mode menu button near the left edge of the tool-
bar when the Brush tool is selected.
Pencil : Simulates drawing with a pencil. The Pencil tool will also try and interpret basic shapes
such as circles, squares, and triangles (and creates them for you automatically if it thinks you're
trying to draw them). Use this tool in conjunction with the Smooth and Straighten buttons on
the right side of the toolbar to make selected lines more or less smooth or straight.
PolyStar : Allows you to create polygons or stars with multiple sides. You can set this by clicking
the Options button in the Tool Options section of the Properties panel.
Rectangle Primitive : Like the Rectangle tool, but it also allows you to control the corner radius
of the rectangle by dragging its bounding box handles.
Oval Primitive : Like the Oval tool, but with the additional feature of being able to set the start
and end angles of an oval, as well as its inner radius.
Paint Bucket : Used to fill the inner areas of shapes. If you use it to fill areas that you've outlined
with the Brush , Pencil or Line tool, you can do that in conjunction with the Gap Size menu but-
ton (found at the right of the toolbar.) You can change the gap size option so that the Paint
Bucket will still fill areas that may not be completely closed by lines.
Spray Brush : Used to simulate an airbrush or spray paint can effect. Great for splattering color
Ink Bottle : Used to change the style and color of stroke borders.
Eyedropper : Used to copy the fill and stroke of one object and apply it to another object. To
use it, click the fill or stroke of the object that you want to copy. Next, click the fill or stroke of
the object you want to apply it to. The tool will change to a Paint Bucket or Ink Bottle , depend-
ing on whether you click the second object's fill or stroke area.
Deco : A specialized tool that allows you to create three effects: Symmetry , Grid Fill , and Vine Fill .
Pen : Used to create precise vector lines by adding and adjusting anchor points.
Subselection : Especially useful for moving anchor points created with the Pen tool. It can also
be used to select and move points in any vector object, such as the corners of rectangles.
Lasso : Used to draw a selection area around an object.
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