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Figure 2-37. Drag instances of the Flower symbol onto the hill.
The last little trick you'll look at is how to automatically align objects. Looking at the design in
Figure 2-37, it might be nice if the three flowers farthest on the right were aligned in a row. I could
struggle to do this by eye, but Flash's Align feature makes this easy:
1. Hold down Shift and select each of the three flowers. You'll see black circles appear in the cen-
ter of the flowers, which represents the point by which they will be aligned.
2. Select Modify ° Align ° Vertical Center . The three flowers align in a neat row. Figure 2-38 shows
what happens.
Figure 2-38. Use Flash's Align feature to align objects on the stage.
The Align menu has quite a few other nifty features that you should try out when designing graphics
with Flash. You can use Distribute Widths and Distribute Heights to space objects evenly. You can use
Make Same Width and Make Same Height to make two selected objects the same size. These are all big
time-savers and very easy to use. Play around with them when you have the chance.
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