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You'll add some flowers to the hilly scene with the help of a free dingbat font called saru's Flower Ding
(a simple web search will turn up the download link if you look for it). Of course, you can use any
character from any dingbat font you choose.
1. Select the Text tool from the toolbar. The Properties panel will fill with text options. Make
sure that Static Text is selected and choose an appropriate font, color, and font size. For this
example, a nice big font size such as 36 points will work well.
2. Click the scene with the Text tool and type the key that corresponds to the dingbat symbol
you want to use (an uppercase E produces a playful flower character with saru's Flower Ding ).
Figure 2-36 shows an example of what your text and the Properties panel might look like.
Figure 2-36. Use a dingbat font to create a flower graphic.
3. The next step is to convert the font into an ordinary vector graphic. Make sure that the text is
selected and select Modify ° Break Apart . This transforms the font into a vector shape. It's now
just like any other vector shape you could draw or transform with Flash's drawing tools.
4. While the flower shape is still selected, convert it into a graphic symbol by selecting Modify °
Convert to Symbol . Give the symbol the name Flower and click OK .
5. You now have a symbol called Flower in the Library . Drag a few instances of it onto the grassy
hill, as shown in Figure 2-37.
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