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7. A Cloud graphic symbol appears in the Library . Drag five or six instances of it onto the stage, as
shown in Figure 2-34. This illustrates one of the best things about using symbols: once you've
made one, you can drag as many instances of it as like into your scene.
Figure 2-34. Drag instances of the Cloud symbol onto the stage.
As you can see, some of the clouds overlap the hill, which looks rather awkward. It would look more
natural if the clouds were behind the hill. Ideally, you'd probably want to put these clouds on their
own layer between the background and foreground layers, but, in the interest of showing you a new
technique, you'll arrange the depths of objects within a single layer. Do the following:
1. Select one of the clouds that overlap the hill. (If more than one overlaps the hill, hold down
the Shift key on the keyboard and select both of them.)
2. Select Modify ° Arrange ° Send Backward . The selected clouds will move behind the hill.
Figure 2-35 shows how this will look.
Figure 2-35. Use the Arrange menu to send the selected clouds backward.
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