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You can modify the shapes or instances inside a group by double-clicking the group with the Selection
tool . When you do, the effect is almost identical to entering symbol editing mode. The word Group
appears above the stage to show you that you're now working inside the group, and the other objects
on the stage will dim. To exit this mode, double-click the outside edges of the stage, double-click
another object that's not part of the group, or select the name of the symbol or scene that you're
working in on the object name display bar above the stage.
If you ever need to separate the objects in the group again later, select the group and select
Modify ° Ungroup.
Adding some clouds
Next you're going to create a ?hkq` graphic symbol and then drag a few instances of it onto the
1. Select the Oval tool from the Tools toolbar. The Oval tool occupies the same button menu as
the Rectangle tool, so if you've just used the Rectangle tool, it won't be visible. To find it, hold
the left mouse button down over the Rectangle tool. A menu will open allowing you to select
the Oval tool.
2. Select a white fill color.
3. Draw a few overlapping ovals in the sky to create something that looks like a cloud. Figure 2-33
shows what it might look like.
Figure 2-33. Use the Oval tool to create a cloud.
4. Click the cloud once with the Selection tool to select it.
5. Select Modify ° Convert to Symbol .
6. Give the new symbol the name Cloud and make sure that the Type is Graphic .
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