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3. Change the Alpha to 40%. You can do this either by moving the slider or entering 40 into the
text field next to it, as shown in Figure 2-32.
Figure 2-32. Set the water's alpha to 40%.
With the alpha at 40%, the background is visible through the water. In this example, the water will
appear to be a much lighter blue color.
Grouping objects
Flash's drawing system allows you to group objects together so that you can move them around the
stage as a single unit. You'll group the water and grassy hill to keep them separate from the objects
that you'll add in later steps. Follow these steps:
1. Select the Water instance if it's not already selected.
2. Hold down the Shift key on the keyboard. When you hold down the Shift key, Flash allows
you to select multiple objects. Select the grassy hill. Both the water and hill should now be
3. Select Modify ° Group . As soon as you do this, a big blue bounding box surrounds both
objects. They're now grouped.
Grouping objects allows you to treat multiple objects as a single unit so that you can move them
around the stage together. It also prevents the shapes of other objects merging with the grouped
shapes. Unlike creating a symbol, grouping objects doesn't create a new Library item. This is great
if you're working on a complex design but don't want to clutter up the Library with too many extra
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