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You can change graphic symbols into Movie Clip symbols later if you need to. To do
this, select the symbol in the Library . Click the Properties button, which is located at
the bottom of the Library panel and looks like a circle with an i in the center of it. This
will open the Symbol Properties window. Change the symbol Type to Movie Clip in the
drop-down menu. You can change any symbol to any other type using this method.
You can also change a symbol's type by selecting the instance on the stage and chang-
ing its type from the drop-down menu in the Properties panel.
If you need to make changes to the actual shape of the water itself, double-click it on the stage or
its icon in the Library . This will bring you into symbol editing mode, and you can make changes to the
lines, colors, and shapes of the drawing. All these changes are automatically saved and will be imme-
diately reflected in any instances of this symbol on the stage.
Now that the water is a graphic symbol, you can give it some transparency by setting its alpha prop-
erty. ( Alpha is a graphic design term that simply refers to transparency.)
1. Make sure that the Water symbol instance is still selected on the stage. You can tell that it's
selected if you can see a blue bounding box surrounding it. Click it once with the Selection tool
if you need to select it.
2. In the Properties panel, find the Color Effect section. It might be in its closed state, so none
of its options will be visible. Click the Color Effect heading once, and it will open to reveal
a drop-down menu. Select Alpha from the menu, as shown in Figure 2-31.
Figure 2-31. Select Alpha from the Color
Effect section of the Properties panel.
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