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4. Click the OK button. Two things happen:
A new symbol appears in the Library called Water .
The water shape that you selected and converted into a symbol becomes surrounded by
a blue rectangle. This rectangle is called a bounding box and indicates that the object
is a symbol.
Figure 2-30 shows what your Library and workspace might now look like.
When you convert a drawing to a symbol it becomes surrounded by a blue bounding box and appears as an object in the Library.
Figure 2-30. The Water symbol in the Library
Any object on the stage that is represented by a symbol in the Library is an instance of that symbol.
You'll be coming across the term instance a lot in this topic, so it's worth remembering this. What
you've done in these steps is “create an instance of the S]pan symbol on the stage.”
Graphic symbols differ from Movie Clip symbols in two important ways. They take up slightly less stor-
age space in the FLA, but they can't be accessed or targeted using programming code. If you don't
think you'll want to program any of your symbols later, you can create them as graphic symbols so
that your published SWF file is a little smaller.
Now that you've converted the water into a graphic symbol, it's become a unified entity that you can
drag around the stage without having to worry about it merging with other shapes. Because it's a sym-
bol, you can also drag more instances of it from the Library onto the stage if you need to.
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