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2. Click the blue rectangle to select it. Click Edit ° Copy and then Edit ° Paste to make another
copy of it. Position the new copy next to the first (see Figure 2-27).
Copy and paste the wave to make another one. Position it next to the first wave.
Figure 2-27. Copy and paste a second wave.
3. Paste a few more waves and position them next to each other until the water reaches the edge
of the stage. You'll notice that as you add waves of the same color, they merge to form one
shape like the green rectangles did. (If it didn't work that way, you're probably not in merge
mode. To toggle between merge and object mode, click the Object Drawing button near the
top left of the toolbar.)
4. You'll probably find that one of the waves overlaps the stage edge slightly. If this is the case,
draw a black rectangle outside the stage and position its left edge so that touches the right-
most edge of the stage and completely covers the part of the wave that extends too far. Click
the rectangle once with the Selection tool to select it. Next, delete the black rectangle. Not
only will the rectangle disappear but the portion of the wave that it covered will also be gone.
Figure 2-28 shows this process.
This figure illustrates an important feature of Flash's merge mode drawing style. If you draw two
overlapping vector shapes that are the same color, they'll become part of the same shape—just as the
two green rectangles did. If the shapes that overlap are different colors, they'll also merge but remain
separate. You can select them as individual shapes, but if you delete the second shape you added, it
will cut a hole in the bottom shape like a cookie cutter. This is very useful for punching holes in solid
shapes or trimming edges, as you did in the previous steps.
This is a good demonstration of how merge mode works. However, there's another much simpler way
to delete rectangular-shaped sections of your drawings. Use the Selection tool and draw a rectangular
selection area around the section you want to delete. Click the Delete key, and the area will disappear.
You can also remove parts of your drawings with the Eraser tool (also in the Tools toolbar).
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