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3. The hill might look a bit prettier if the top were rounded. Position the Selection tool to inter-
sect with the line that represents the top of the hill. You'll notice that a curved line icon
appears next to the arrow. This icon indicates that you can bend the line. Hold down the left
mouse button and drag the line upward to form a gentle curve. When you release the button,
the top of the hill will be rounded. Figure 2-25 shows what this should look like.
Drag the line that forms the top of the hill to curve it upwards
Figure 2-25. Make a rounded top for the hill.
I told you that drawing with Flash was fun!
Making some water
The next thing you'll do is create some water for the pond next to the grassy hill. You'll create a “wave”
first, and then copy and paste it a few times to make a body of water.
1. Draw a dark blue rectangle next to the edge of the hill. Make sure that you draw it without
a border. Use the Selection tool to curve the top of the blue rectangle downward. Figure 2-26
shows how.
Create a blue rectangle and curve the top to make a wave
Figure 2-26. Design the first wave.
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