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Flash has two drawing modes: merge mode and object drawing mode . When Flash is in object drawing
mode, overlapping vector shapes don't automatically merge when they overlap; they remain as indi-
vidual objects. Flash's drawing system is in merge mode by default, but you can switch to object drawing
mode by clicking the Object Drawing button near the right edge of the toolbar. For now, however, stay
with merge mode because you'll use it to demonstrate a new technique in the following steps.
The great thing about working with vector shapes is how malleable they are. In the next few steps,
you'll use the Selection tool to bend the edge of one of the rectangles to create a curved slope.
1. In the Tools toolbar, select the Selection tool. Position it at the top-right corner of the second
rectangle (the vertical section of the L ). A small black angle icon appears next to the arrow,
which indicates that you can now reposition the corner. Hold down the left mouse button and
drag the corner down and to the left. When you release the mouse, the shape of the rectangle
will be transformed, as shown in Figure 2-23.
Drag the top right corner of second rectangle down and to the left
Figure 2-23. Reposition the top-right corner.
2. That's a good start for the hill, but now let's make it slightly less steep. Select the point at which
the two rectangles join and drag it to the right. When you release the mouse, the slope will be
less steep, as shown in Figure 2-24.
Drag the corner where the two rectangles meet to the right
Figure 2-24. Make the hill less steep.
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