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2. It's a good idea to label the layers properly so you can quickly identify them. To change the
name of a layer, click the layer name with the mouse and enter the new name. Change Layer
1 to background , change Layer 2 to foreground , and change Layer 3 to characters . Figure 2-18
shows how your timeline should now look.
Figure 2-18. Give your new layers descriptive names.
3. You'll create the next set of drawings on the foreground layer. But before that, you should lock
the background layer so that you don't accidentally click it and possibly undo all the work
you've already done. To lock the background layer, click the small black circle in the column
indicated by the padlock. Figure 2-19 shows what the background layer looks like when it's
locked. (If you need to make any changes to the background layer later, you can unlock it by
clicking its padlock icon.)
Figure 2-19. Lock the background layer while working on other layers.
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