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The Properties panel is context-sensitive (it gives you information about whatever object you've
selected on the stage, and that information will change if you select another object). The Properties
panel allows you to change the properties of selected objects. You want to change the height and
width of the rectangle so that it matches the dimensions of the stage. You also want to align its
top-left corner with the center point of the Movie Clip symbol's stage.
4. While the rectangle is still selected, use the Properties panel to change its W (width) property
to 550 and its H (height) to 400 . The numbers you enter here represent the size of the object
in pixels , which are tiny dots that are the smallest possible image that can be displayed on the
stage. All visual elements are made up of lots of tiny pixels, and you can see them if you look
carefully. I'll discuss pixels in a bit more detail soon.
5. Change the rectangle's X (horizontal) position to 0 and the Y (vertical) position to 0 . Your
Properties panel should now match that shown in Figure 2-14.
Figure 2-14. Change the size and position of the rectangle in the
Properties panel.
6. As soon as you enter those numbers, the size of the rectangle will change, and the top-left
hand corner will snap to the small black crosshairs in the middle of the stage. The crosshairs
(also known as the registration point ) represent position 0 for both the X and Y position (this
is important to remember, and you will be returning to this soon).
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