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Drawing the background
The first thing you'll do is create the sky. It's just a big blue rectangle that will completely fill the stage.
Follow these steps:
1. In the Tools toolbar, select a color for the sky by clicking the Fill Color box. (If the Tools tool-
bar isn't visible, select Window ° Tools .) A color palette will open, and the mouse pointer will
change to an eyedropper to allow you to choose an appropriate color for the sky. Figure 2-11
shows what this looks like. (If you have a small monitor, the Fill Color box might actually be hid-
ing under the Properties panel. You can access it another way by selecting the Paint Bucket tool
and selecting the Fill Color box from the Properties panel.)
Figure 2-11. Select a color for the sky.
Next to the Fill Color box is another box with a pencil icon on the left side. This box allows you to select
the stroke color , which refers to the color of a shape's outside border. If you select a stroke color,
your rectangle will be drawn with a colored border around it. For this example, I didn't want a border
for the sky, so I made sure that none was selected (indicated by the red stripe through the stroke color
box). Look carefully at the top-right corner of the color palette shown in Figure 2-11, and you'll notice
that you can choose this “no color” option for either the stroke or fill color by selecting the small
white square with the red stripe through it.
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