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Flash also placed you in symbol editing mode for the Op]npL]ca symbol. If you are new to Flash,
this might be a bit confusing. You created Op]npL]ca as a Movie Clip symbol. Movie Clip symbols
have timelines and stages. When you enter symbol editing mode, Flash replaces the main stage and
timeline with the stage and timeline of the Movie Clip symbol you selected. If there's any doubt about
which stage and timeline you're working in, have a look at the top-left corner of the stage shown in
Figure 2-9.
Figure 2-9. Are you working on Flash's main
stage or inside a Movie Clip symbol?
If you see the name of a symbol with the Movie Clip icon next to it, you know you're in symbol editing
mode and that the stage and timeline you see on the screen belong to the that symbol. If you just see
Scene 1 , you know you're working on Flash's main stage. (To exit symbol editing mode and return to
the main stage, simply click Scene 1 . To reenter symbol editing mode, you need to select the symbol
again from the Library by double-clicking it.)
Drawing the first page
You'll now create a page for the characters in the storybook. This project will take you on a quick
introductory tour of Flash's vector-drawing capabilities and show you how to organize graphics using
layers on the timeline. Figure 2-10 shows what the finished page will look like.
Figure 2-10. A happy sunny scene for the first page of the storybook
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