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4. Click the OK button. A warning dialog box will appear (see Figure 2-7), warning you that Flash
couldn't find the class you've specified but will generate it for you automatically when you
publish the SWF file. This is merely Flash's helpful way of saying, “Um, it doesn't look like
you've got a class called Op]npL]ca yet. But don't worry, I'll create one for you!” You know you
haven't created this class yet, so that's just fine. “Thanks, Flash! Such a helpful little fellow!”
(You can click Don't show again. to prevent this warning from appearing the next time you cre-
ate a symbol.)
Figure 2-7. Class definition warning
5. Click the OK button to ignore this warning.
When you clicked the OK button in step 5, two things happened:
First, Flash created a new symbol in the Library called StartPage .
In the Library you can view all the symbols you create and all the
assets (additional imported files) such as sound, images, and videos
that you import into Flash. The Library panel is located in the panel
on the left of the Flash workspace. (If you don't see it, select Window
° Library .) Your Library should now look like Figure 2-8.
I recommend using the Developer workspace for the projects
in this topic. To set up Flash's Developer workspace, select
Window ° Workspace ° Developer . Flash's workspace is
designed using panels . Each area of the workspace, includ-
ing the Library or Properties , is a panel. You can rearrange,
minimize, and mix and match these panels in whatever order
you like. It's quite a nice feature but it's also easy to acciden-
tally delete a panel or drag it into some strangely inaccessible
part of the workspace. It can cause a lot of frustration if the
panel you are using suddenly disappears and you can't figure
out how to get it back. Fortunately, it's very easy to restore
the workspace to its original state if this happens. If you're in
the Developer workspace, click the Developer button near the
top-left corner of the Flash window (next to the search box.)
Select Reset 'Developer' from the option menu. All the panels
in the workspace will return to their original state.
Figure 2-8. Your new StartPage symbol is
in the Library.
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