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Your Project panel should now look like Figure 2-3.
Figure 2-3. The Project panel shows the new FLA and AS files.
13. Finally, you need to create the FLA file's document class. Double-click the interactiveStorybook.
fla file in the Project panel.
14. To the right of the stage you'll notice a panel called Properties . (If the Properties panel isn't
open, select Window ° Properties .) In the Publish section, you'll see a text field called Class .
Enter Main in the Class field. Your Properties panel should now look like Figure 2-4.
Figure 2-4. Create the document class in the Properties
panel of the FLA file.
15. Save the ejpan]_peraOpknu^kkg*bh] file.
Now that you've created the FLA and AS files and have set I]ej as the document class, you're ready
to start creating the storybook.
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