Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 10
In this final chapter of the topic, I'll show you a wide variety of useful techniques you'll
need to know to get started on your own professional-level game design projects:
Dragging and dropping objects with the mouse
Using easing for smooth motion
Controlling game characters with the mouse
Moving objects in the direction of their rotation
Firing bullets in all directions
Using dynamic filters
Making objects with the osep_d statement and the simple factory system
Learning basic enemy artificial intelligence (AI): following, running away, and
firing bullets in the direction of the player
Using a timer
Using keyboard-driven spaceship and mouse-driven platform game controls
Dispatching events
This is quite a big and dense chapter, so don't feel you need to absorb all these techniques
at one sitting. This chapter has been designed as a toolbox for you to delve into when
you're trying to solve a particular problem in your own game design projects. Take it one
small bite at a time and try to apply the techniques to your projects as much as possible.
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