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I covered a number of new techniques in this chapter, all of which you'll find a use for in your own
game projects. The specific game logic that you use to solve the conditions for winning and losing, as
well as artificial intelligence for your game characters, will be different with every project. But hope-
fully this chapter has shown you some approaches to tackling these issues and some of the things that
you'll need to think about to solve these problems in your own games.
This has been a basic introduction to platform games, but you'll find all the building blocks here to
start you off building a game that could become quite complex with a bit of planning and imagination.
Add a bit of the puzzle solving and task completion that you looked at in Dungeon Maze Adventure,
and maybe a few animated enemies, and you'll be well on your way to building a really fun game. You
could also add a weapon, some sound, and even some scrolling so the player could explore a large
area. What about items that give the player some special abilities, or maybe some vehicles to drive?
One bonus of the collision code that you're using is that it tells you which side of the platform the
player is hitting. You can adapt it for enemy collisions to find out whether the player was jumping on
an enemy's head, which is the classic way of vanquishing enemies in platform games. You can also
adapt the physics code to create a flight-based action game such as Joust; or a flight rescue or explora-
tion game such as Lunar Lander, Choplifter, or Defender. Actually, just about any 2D platform game is
within your reach. And what about moving platforms? It could be interesting!
In the next chapter, you'll take a closer look at enemy artificial intelligence and scripted motion.
I'll show you player control schemes that use the mouse, how to move objects and fire bullets in
360 degrees, and one of the most useful programming techniques in a game designer's arsenal:
dispatching events.
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