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If the process didn't work, make sure that you named the platform instances correctly
and also used the correct instance names in the previous code. With so many similar
instance names, it's very easy to make a small mistake here.
Figure 9-12. The cat can jump from platform to platform.
The cat's ^k`u subobject is being used for collision, as
Figure 9-13 illustrates. This is another feature of the ?khheoekj*
lh]uan=j`Lh]pbkni method. The subobject that is specified
in the [_khheoekj=na] property of the lh]uan is used as the
object in the collision detection. You'll look at exactly how this
works at the end of the chapter.
If you added the platforms on the same layer as the _]p object,
the cat's ears are behind the platform, which looks a little awk-
ward. Don't worry; you'll be fixing this in the pages ahead.
Figure 9-13. Finally, the cat's long ears
don't get in the way!
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