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In this example, the platforms have a slight 3D effect, as if they extend up above the surface of the
stage. This effect is called beveling . Bevel is one of the filters that can be assigned to an object in the
Filters section of the Properties panel.
To bevel an object, select it, and choose Bevel from the Add filter button at the bottom of the panel.
There are many settings that you can adjust until the object looks the way you want it to. Figure 9-10
shows the setting used for the platforms in Bug Catcher.
Figure 9-10. Bevel objects for a shallow 3D raised-surface
Filters are a quick and easy way to add surface texture to games. The cat and frog use slight drop-shadow
filters, which contrast well with the beveled platforms.
The Properties panel has a section called Color Effect . One of the effects that you can choose from its
Style drop-down menu is called Tint . Tinting an object allows you to change the color of an instance
without affecting the color of its parent symbol. This process is very useful because it means that you
can have many instances of the same symbol, each with a unique color or tint , without having to cre-
ate a new symbol to accommodate for it.
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