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3. In the Properties panel there's a field (a box where you can type text) called Class . In the Class
field, enter Main (this links your I]ej class with the FLA file). Your Properties panel should now
look like Figure 1-8. (If the Class field does not appear in the Properties panel, select the black
arrow Selection Tool in the Tools toolbar and click the empty white rectangle in the middle of
the workspace, which is known as the stage.)
Figure 1-8. Enter Main into the Class box of the Properties panel.
4. Save the dahhkSknh`*bh] file.
5. Finally, select Control ° Test Movie . Flash will publish the FLA file and automatically gener-
ate a SWF file (a Flash movie file) called dahhkSknh`*osb in the same directory as the FLA
and AS files. You should see the Output panel appear, displaying the words Hello World! (see
Figure 1-9).
Figure 1-9. If you've followed the instructions
correctly, you should see the words Hello World!
displayed in the Output panel.
Although selecting Test Movie from the Control menu is usually the quickest and easiest way to publish
a SWF file, you can also select File ° Publish . The difference is that the Test Movie option runs the SWF
file immediately after publishing it. This is great if you want to test how everything is working while
you're still writing your program or making your game. You'll usually use the Publish option only when
everything is finished, and you just want to publish the latest version of the SWF file without needing
to run it as well.
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