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Setting up the project files
To get you started, you'll find a basic setup file called ^qc?]p_dan*bh] in the >qc?]p_danOapql
folder of the Chapter 9 source files. In the same folder are three other classes: Lh]uan[Lh]pbkni*]o,
?khheoekj*]o, and I]ej[>qc?]p_dan*]o. You'll need all these files as a starting point for this project.
Let's create the project. Follow these steps:
1. Select File ° Open .
2. Navigate to the ^qc?]p_dan*bh] file in the Chapter 9 >qc?]p_danOapql folder. Click the Open
3. Select Quick Project in the Project panel's drop-down menu.
4. The ^qc?]p_dan project is created. The stage, Library , and Project panel should now look some-
thing like Figure 9-8.
Figure 9-8. Bug Catcher project
5. Test the project. When the SWF file runs, the cat drops to the ground, and you can use the
arrow keys to make it move and jump. The cat bounces slightly when it hits the ground. (In this
class, the ground is actually defined as a point 10 pixels above the bottom of the stage. I did
this so I can add a 10-pixel-high solid ground graphic a little later in the project.)
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