Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 9
One of the most popular genres of video game is the platform game , which also
poses some very interesting programming and design challenges. From a programming
point of view, if you can program a platform game, you've reached a benchmark in
your development as a game designer.
The game you'll create in this chapter is called Bug Catcher, and you'll find the fin-
ished SWF file in the chapter's source files. You'll use it to take a detailed look at
some core video game design techniques:
Natural motion using physics simulations
Complex player character behavior
Collisions with accurate bounce and friction
Converting a subobject's local coordinates to global coordinates
Display list and object stacking order
Rotating an object toward another object
Random motion
Artificial intelligence (AI)
You'll look at these techniques within a practical, real-world context so that you'll
have a clear idea of how to apply them to your own games.
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